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We're Lusaka's newest and most unusual Private Members' Club, both in name
and in spirit.

You see, we thought it was about time for a private club that was thoroughly modern, refreshingly informal and engagingly sociable.

We love a sense of style, but ours is a rather quirky, whimsical club, full of surprises and occasionally back to front, that we hope will pique your inquisitive nature. Please read on...



When it comes to food and drink we have three simple guides: imagining, changing, sharing.

What's the point in joining a club where the food and drink is good, but the kind of fare you can get elsewhere? That would just be so dull. So, we’ve used all our creative juices to craft dishes and drinks that take your taste-buds somewhere else
(and occasionally back to familiar places too).

But, however enterprising our chefs are, we're certain that you don't want to be faced by the same dishes over and over, however tempting they may once have been. That's why you'll keep finding new things to entice you: a continuous culinary adventure, if you will. And in whatever shape, size, form or flavour our food and drinks may emerge, the heart of our food philosophy is 'sharing', because sharing is what The Other Side is about and what brings and keeps people together.


Working. Can be dull. Often predictable.

At The Works - our centre for enterprise and entrepreneurs - we hope not. We aim to be brimming with creative souls, businesses breaking conventions and the swapping of imaginative and novel ideas. And we have work space sizes and types to fit both your pocket and your style.

If you fancy something more open-plan and a base for you to come and go, try our shared hot-desking Perches. On the other hand, if you’re searching for something a little more private and somewhere to spread out and kick back, you might find our Pads (larger private offices up to 16 sqm) more your thing.

And we have all sorts of other shapes and sizes in between. We also have Bean Bag Central - an open space for collaborative Blue-skying, as well as two rather more formal meeting rooms for times when you cant squeeze all the bodies in the meeting into you own private space.



Some people’s pain. Others’ pleasure.

Working out, shedding pounds, staying healthy, pursuing goals, looking better, challenging friends, seeing a two-pack upgrade to four (and dreaming of six).

We all have different reasons for heading to the gym.
At The Other Side we’ve created a cutting-edge fitness space for you, whether you’re recovering from festive excesses or on the verge of your first triathlon.

We have treadmills, elliptical trainers, bikes and rowing machines for cardio work, plus weight cage machines,
ab crunchers, benches, bars, balls, dumbbells and kettlebells. And skipping ropes.

But, as with everything else at The Other Side it all comes down to the people, so we'll have trainers on hand to mentor and motivate you, and advise you that even though it might be tempting to see if you can conquer 30kg bench presses on day one, it may be a little more sensible to master a single press-up first.


Decisions, Decisions.

Balinese, Indian, Zambian or Swedish?

Moringa Oil, Green Clay, Rockweed, Alfalfa, Aloe or Geranium?

Face, body, head or nails?

Moisturising, cleansing, repairing, anti-aging, relaxing, muscle-soothing, calming,
strain-releasing, or just good old pampering?

Book a treatment.

It’ll help you make up your mind.


We will be crafting a wide range of events: there will be parties, concerts, Ted-style talks, exhibitions, movies and workshops, all designed to stir the mind and body and stimulate exchange between you and your fellow members.


We’ve got a whole bunch of membership options, some of which are based on how long you wish to join for and others on how many other family members you would like to include. But we like to keep things simple at the outset, so we won’t cram all that detail in here.

The four core membership tiers are:

Social Membership

This will give you access to the club's restaurant, bar and heated swimming pool

Business Membership

Social Membership + The Works

Fitness Membership

Social Membership + The Gym

The Other Membership

Social Membership + The Works + The Gym


In order to give you the kind of information you’re interested in, please provide a few details about yourself and answer two simple questions.
Flora Mutale from The Other Side team will get straight back to you.

For yourself?
For you and your partner?
For your family?
For your organisation?
Social Membership (usage of the restaurant, bar and pool)
Fitness Membership (Social Membership + usage of The Gym)
Business Membership (Social Membership + usage of The Works)
The Other Membership (Social + Fitness + Business)

If you’re not sure about your preferences or you have other queries, not a problem:
Just email or call Flora on the following: / +260 971 472 871

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Our Location

Leopards Lane, Kabulonga, Lusaka, Zambia

Call us

+260 211 268802/3/4

We’ve done away with daft rules, stuffy dress codes and pompous committees and decided to just focus on helping all who join The Other Side be themselves, connect with others and have a great time.

We’ll offer you culinary delights to savour on, treadmills to pound on,
hot-desks to perch on, massage beds to be pampered to heaven on... and lots of other interesting people, both familiar and new, to get connected to.

Club membership won’t be restricted to Lusaka. As we expand into other markets, you’ll be members there too.

The Other Side Lilongwe is coming next and in a couple of years we’ll be opening Kampala, Addis Ababa and destinations beyond. As Africa grows, and we grow within Africa, we hope you’ll join us on the journey.

And the name? Well, our new club was planned from over the wall, at Latitude 15, and as we kept referring to new developments on 'the other side’ the name just stuck
(but it seemed appropriate for a club several degrees from ordinary).

Please join us!

James Lightfoot